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  • 【Huge Capacity&High Efficiency】A portable generator for home use with 1800W output and a 4L/1.05GAL gas tank.It can generate 5.4kWh to run for 3.5hrs. With either LPG (Propane) or gas, you’ve got two energy sources to deliver higher efficiency, easier use, and fewer emissions. LPG has lower emission level and higher energy efficiency compared with gas: CO, NHx, CHx, NOx. No need to maintain as often as gas. Lower maintenance cost and more convenient.
  • 【New Energy Source】With LPG as an additional fuel source, you get way more flexibility. When the grid is down, it's ideal as an emergency option for your home or RV as gas is hard to come by. Not only that, you can store it longer, produce 10% the carbon monoxide, and create less fumes and scents. Available under most weather conditions, easier and longer storage, cleaner. Also a power backup option for your DELTA Pro, DELTA Max, and DELTA 2..
  • 【Smart Control&Monitor】Automated on/off when connected to your power stations and power kits; Digitally integrated into your EcoFlow ecosystem with EcoFlow app ;Real-time running specs shown on LCD screen/APP about fuel level, alerts, maintenance notice, LPG consumption.
  • 【Easy Operation】There are 4 ways of easy start: Electric start, Auto-start, App Start and Manual Start. Start engine with 1-click via the 4 modes, you can start your LPG experience in a snap. Once connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, the app opens up a ton of control. Set your battery level for auto-start, control DC output levels, remote start or stop your unit, and switch on Eco mode, all while getting a full suite of monitoring. Ideal for home or for camping as you control from afar.
  • 【Safe to Use】The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) keeps you in the know with a carbon monoxide detector, fuel alert, engine oil alert, temperature protection, overload avoidance, and a whole lot more. All are clearly visible with indicators on the unit, and all (excluding fuel alert) can trigger an auto-shutdown to keep you and your batteries safe.
  • Price is VAT Exclusive.
  • Delivery TIme: 15-30 Days.

ECOFLOW Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to be shipped by 15 - 30 days.
  • - Type: Inverter Generator
    - Net Weight (kg): 30.5kg
    - Dimension (cm): 59.7x30.0x47.5
    - Mobile App: Yes
    - Frequency: 50Hz
    - Rated Power (Gas): 1800W (Peak Value 1900W)
    - Rated Power (LPG): 1600W (Peak Value 1700W)
    - DC Output Voltage: 42-58.8 V
    - Rated Voltage: 230V
    - Maximum DC Output Current: 32A

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