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Message of UFUQ Management

When you’re looking for top quality work, UFUQ Engineering is here to help. Our contracting professionals are available to provide a wide range of customizable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skills and expertise of our employees who work together as a team delivering successful projects. Valuing the importance of relationships, we have a collaborative approach that is flexible and can respond quickly to the needs of our clients.

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Eng. Youssef Alamari

Deputy Executive Officer

Business Development

Facilities Management

Established in 2020, and with over 35 years of it’s team experience in Civil & MEP works, both contracting and O&M Services, we have built on our strengths to become a one of very successful Saudi owned companies. We are experienced, having a proven track record in a large variety of civil & MEP services including; HVAC Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Electrical Systems, Energy Efficiency and all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial development.

We always believe that a journey of a thousand mile starts with a step, and to develop our future, a vision should be set clear toward a bright future we aim.

In the recent past, we started out our business with a single commercial business. Today, we have a wide range of solid business and engineering activities merged with the latest management systems for a maximum quality of our services. Looking not only at local and regional expansion but also at global levels, we always take in consideration the values and principles that we grew up with, in addition to what have been established by our team members. We do believe that investment in human development is the cornerstone of our business success and sustainability. Our vision of success is to measure satisfaction of our clients and meet their expectations and needs.

We strongly believe that our reputation depends on performance, sincerity and determination to reach in all possible ways to fulfill our customer’s satisfaction. We are always striving to achieve the highest possible levels of satisfaction for each of our business partners, our customers and employees. We have followed the most modern methods and used the most specialized tools to achieve faster and reliable services. This gives us the opportunity to serve our customers better and more effectively in their business, to receive their continued satisfaction and their recommendations to choose our company to work with.

Today, in this challenging 21st century, we are still able to soar higher and higher with our clients supported with our distinguished team, adhering to our distinct vision of outstanding performance, continuous expansion and commitment to our principles that have become the body and spirit of our business. Our company’s motto has always been and will always be "We will do it better, and we will do it faster with affordable prices”.


We continue striving to improve our performance, find the best, and seek for new opportunities to increase our activities within the Kingdom and abroad.


I pray to Allah that our group of companies will continue its contribution to the prosperity of our national economy and to promote the development of our children and our future society.

We always pay attention to the needs of our customers with high quality services that exceed their expectations!

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